Student Competition at CLIMA 2013

Student competition rules

  1. Clima awards every year student work(s) from its member's countries.
  2. The competing student's work should be a bachelor or master's thesis or be of equivalent level. PhD theses will not be accepted.
  3. The subject of each competing student's work is totally open but it has to be in, or linked, to the area of building services, i.e. indoor environmental quality, energy balance, passive heating/cooling systems, etc. (In case of any doubts do not hesitate to contact us. The methods used can be experimental, analytical, numerical, design, etc.
  4. The work will either have been done by individual students or a team of two students.
  5. Member Associations may submit a maximum of one entry to the competition. It should be sent electronically directly to the chairman of the Educational Committee prof. Karel Kabele at with a copy to. The deadline for receipt of entries is 15 May 2013, 20:00 CET. It is imperative that the following information is included in the submission:
    • a. Title of the work, name(s) and institute(s) of the student(s) with full institution address and e-mail contact(s), name of the supervisor and year when the work has been accepted at the home university
    • b. Maximum 6 pages summary of the competing work in pdf file
  6. All the documents and presentations have to be in English.
  7. The applicants will present their work at the Student Competition Workshop, which will be held during CLIMA 2013 congress. Competing student(s) shall prepare for the conference:
    • a. 10 minutes oral presentation of their work
    • b. 3 paper copy of the 6 pages summary
    • c. A1 size poster (portrait shape) to be displayed at the congress venue
  8. The jury will meet after the presentations are completed and make its decisions. The jury may select up to a maximum of 3 entries for awards.
  9. The winner(s) will be announced to all competition participants after the jury's meeting.
  10. The winner(s) will be announced and receive their award in the closing session of the CLIMA 2013 Congress on Wednesday, June 19, 2013. The overall winner will present (maximum 10 minutes) the work in the closing plenary session of the CLIMA 2013 Congress on Wednesday, June 19, 2013.
  11. All participants and their institutions will receive a certificate for their participation.
  12. The travel and accommodation cost for the participants are to be covered by the participants or their Member Association or sponsors.
  13. There is no registration fee to the CLIMA 2013 congress for the students taking part in the competition.
  14. Student Competition Jury (RSCJ) has minimum 3 members. RSCJ chair is appointed every year by president. Other members of the RSCJ might be nominated by the Member Association or Board or member of the Education Committee. There is maximum one RSCJ member from each country, in case of more nominations from one country, RSCJ chair decides. Deadline for delivery of nomination for RSCJ members to office y email is May 15, 2013, 20:00 CET.

Awarding criteria

The jury will make its decision based on the following criteria:

  • The relevance and technical feasibility of the topic
  • A clear statement of the objective of the work
  • The methods used
  • The results achieved compared with the objectives
  • The validity of the results
  • An analysis of the reliability of the results
  • The quality of the presentation