Technical excursion

Guided technical excursion of the Congress Centre (English interpreting)

  • Date : June 17,2013 and June 18,2013
  • Time: 13:00 - 14:00 - all places already reserved - 16:00 - 17:00 - new time added
  • Meeting Point: Registration Desk 2nd floor
  • Price: Free of charge
  • Limited capacity: up to 20 applicants each day

Congress Centre was opened (as a Palace of Culture) in 1981. During its existence there have been held, among others, many significant meetings of world politics representatives (for instance Brezhnev, Mitterand, Kohl, Bush, Obama etc.).

Congress Centre dispose of 2397 rooms (without stairs, shafts, etc.). Surrounded space of this unit is 925 00 square metres. Habitability and functionality of this unit depends on the proper operation of air-conditioning system. In case of full occupancy it is necessary to supply 3 000 000 m3/h of treated air, distributed through dozens kilometres of air ducts.

The boiler plant with capacity of 23 200 kW and the chiller plant with capacity of 9 190 kW was built to assure air treatment.

The heat and cold sources serve as well the adjacent administrative building and hotel (building from 1999/2000).The heat recovery helps do decrease energy consumption of the main Congress Centre building. During the preparation of the annual International Monetary Fund and World Bank meeting the unit was partially reconstructed from the technical point of view, still most of the equipment becomes from seventies.